Break Out of That Design Rut

Even the most prolific designers get into a rut sometimes. If you, or your yearbook staff, find yourselves using the same page layouts and fonts over and over, it’s time to seek new inspiration and mix it up. Consider these tips to help your staff move past a creative rut.
Take a break
Working tirelessly on page layouts day-in and day-out will eventually ware you out. If you sense this sort of creative fatigue coming on, encourage the team to take a break and do something totally unrelated to yearbook. Go for a walk outside, grab a snack or play music. Once their brains have a chance to rest and refocus, creative juices will begin flowing again and start producing inspiring content.
Be aware
Sometimes designers aren’t even aware they’re repeating the same themes and patterns over and over, until they look back and notice glaring similarities. To prevent this from happening, always remain hyper aware of the work being pumped out. Challenge the staff not to use the same types of layouts, fonts or design elements back to back, and encourage them to push the boundaries of their comfort zone.
Keep a collection of inspiring materials
Whether writing articles or designing yearbook pages, it’s often helpful to have on-hand a collection of inspiring work. Start by pinning a collection of images or words to a board and invite others to contribute. This way, the staff will have a visual reference whenever their brains need a little creative boost.
Lastly, remember that inspiration can take many forms. It can be found in a magazine, on a favorite website or on a piece of clothing. If you see something you think everyone will get really excited about, find a way to make it available for that much-needed creative boost.