Creative Sales Strategies: Frames and Mirrors

Imagine Yourself in the Yearbook

Yearbooks are all about the preservation of memories, so why not be memorable when it comes to selling your book? This yearbook sales idea is all about using frames and mirrors to capture attention and sell yearbooks. This idea just takes a trip to your local dollar store, some poster paper and paint or pens.

Pick up a few empty frames and some cheap mirrors at the store. Then, create large and colorful posters. Make them memorable! Attach the frame or mirror to the center and write, “That’s right… Y-O-U are in the yearbook. Make sure to buy a copy today!” Of course, add your storefront URL or everything you need to know about buying a yearbook.

Remember, students are more likely to buy a yearbook if they know that they will be in it. Work hard to get everyone in the book and make sure they know they are in it. Have FUN with your sales campaign.