The First 4 | The First Things to Think About in Your Yearbook Journey

Early in the school year is the perfect time to sketch out your yearbook plan and set yourself up for success! Check out the top 4 things to focus on now that school is in full swing and get your yearbook journey started successfully. 

Start With a Theme and a Team

Recruit your yearbook team and assign duties and roles. Check out this blog on different yearbook roles and deciding your theme. Whether you’re going to use one of our pre-designed themes or create your own, a great place to start your yearbook journey is your theme. This is how you and your team are going to tell your school’s story.

Grab your school’s calendar and circle all the events you want to cover. Make sure you can send a photographer or request photos from a coach or parent. Map out your ladder or sections to make sure you have enough space and don’t miss anything. We have a full blog post here on creating an editorial calendar.

Picture This 

Portraits are fundamental to a yearbook. They typically comprise 40-60% of the average yearbook. Reach out to your school photographer and ensure they send you your photos in a PSPA format and confirm how they’ll be delivered. If you need any help uploading or flowing portraits, your account management team can help you. You can also check out My Yearbook Photo if you don’t have a photographer or get photos from people who missed picture day.

Market your Work 

You want the most people to enjoy all your hard work, right? Set up your online store as early as possible and get students and staff ordering their books. You can even create a coupon code or set date-based pricing to drive ordering. We have free posters to download that you can post around the school. Talk to your school admin about an email blast and how to get info home to parents. Here are some fundamentals about creating awareness and getting the word out.

Use our free yearbook promotion materials today to help sell more copies of your yearbook!