Yearbook Promotion Resources

Selling yearbooks can be challenging. Many times, families want to buy a yearbook, but they need more than one reminder. Below are various tools for promoting the yearbook to your community. We recommend using as many of these resources as you can throughout the school year.


Flyers are a great way to promote the yearbook. Post flyers around school, include them in emails to families or print and send them home with students.

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Lawn Signs

Let visitors to the school know the yearbook is for sale by placing lawn signs at parking lot entrances or exits, parent pick up areas and outdoor sport or event areas.

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Social, Email and Web Graphics

Post about the yearbook for sale on social media, in emails to families and on the school website.

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Print bright, fun colored posters and hang them around the school in classrooms, hallways, gym, cafeteria, main doors and other common areas.

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