Who We Are

Our Vision

A thriving culture at every school.

Our Mission

We help students thrive through solutions that strengthen school culture and community.

Our Story

Desiring to breathe new life into the school yearbook market, we produced our first book for school distribution in 2013, under the name Picaboo Yearbooks. Our parent company, Picaboo.com, had been producing consumer photo books, cards and calendars since 2009 but yearbooks on the adviser’s timeline and within the budget was an exciting new direction. Using the photo book software, enhanced for the yearbook experience as its starting point, and printing through a network of digital printers across the United United States, delighted our customers.

Picaboo Yearbooks grew quickly as we offered fast turnaround times, easy-to-use software and great prices. After catering to elementary and middle schools, Picaboo Yearbooks, by now an independent company, acquired Vidigami in 2017 so that we could offer more services to a wider student population. Vidigami offers schools a private social network for sharing photos, videos and school experiences. It also provides robust, easy-to-use media management which makes the yearbook experience multidimensional.

We continue to grow, year after year, both within our sales and service teams, and with expansion of our brands and products. In 2020 we changed our corporate name to Picaboo Yearbooks (Milestone) and we continue to operate our family of brands, Picaboo Yearbooks, Milestone Yearbooks, TheYearbookFiles.com and Vidigami, under the new name. Each brand is uniquely designed to help specific markets, and has its own benefits, so that our customers can be confident in having exactly what they need to create the perfect yearbook for their school community.

As every new school year presents new challenges, we are committed to helping students thrive by providing solutions that will celebrate their achievements and diversity. Our hope is that this will reinforce each school’s positive culture, and engage the community in supporting and contributing to that culture.